Offered by: Wyoming Horses and Mules

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Zoro is a really nice 10 yr. Old black, draft cross gelding that stands just over 16 hands tall.

He's got a gentle disposition and will do anything you throw at him. You can carry flags and tarps, use the bull whip and drag anything on him. He also loves to push the big ball around.

Zoro has been ridden extensively in the mountains and on the ranch. He walks out on a loose rein and has a good ground covering walk. Nothing bothers him on the trail and he will go anywhere you point him. He has also been ridden to church along the highway and is traffic safe.

He has been used to pony colts on out side rides and we have also been roping and flagging young ones off him. We have also tracked and roped a few steers on him. Zoro has also worked for a living at the feedlot.

In the arena he picks both leads and lopes nice circles, side passes, backs, stops and pivots correctly. He is soft in the mouth and responds well to leg cues and is an overall joy to ride.

He has been ridden both english and western and could go either direction.

He is polite and has good ground manners and is easy to be around.

On top of this, he is very handsome and easy to look at. He's got a good balanced conformation and carries himself well.

Zoro is a wonderful horse and should make somebody a great partner.

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