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Field's Smart Hickory (Hickory)

2013 AQHA Gelding

Extra gentle with a nice set of papers and he is just 5 years old. Trustworthy as an old horse, with his whole life ahead of him. This is a special gelding that you do not want to pass up.

Cats Last Colonel (Buster)

2011 AQHA Gelding

Good looking, athletic gelding with as solid a ranch foundation as you could ask for and the potential to be your once in a lifetime ranch horse, or take him to the arena and start heeling steers. Good minded with no buck, you can't miss on this nice gelding.


2011 Draft-Cross Gelding

Badger is a real handsome, classy, Percheron/Quarter horse crossbred gelding that we all really like riding. He is handy enough for a hand, but yet gentle enough for a intermediate rider.

Double Chance Cat (Slim)

2004 AQHA Gelding

How many horses can you count on to trot the barrels with a little cowgirl and then turn around and run down a yearling in the pasture and win you a check at the Friday night roping? Slim is that horse! Kid safe and cowboy handy is a rare combination; don't pass him up.

Boons Bite My Dust (Pistol)

2013 AQHA Gelding

Just 5 years old, gentle, quiet and all the handle you look for in a good one. Beautiful moving palomino that has turns some steers in the arena and been to the mountains. Used in all aspects of ranch work. Pistol is good in open country, rides out alone or in a group and is good on all kinds of ground.


2009 Quarter Horse Gelding

Coming from 3X NFR Bullrider Ty Wallace, Biscuit is a finished heel and breakaway horse that has a fancy ranch handle, is gentle and has a full ranching resume. You have to appreciate a horse that will spin a hole in the ground and in the next stride take a step over a downed log. Plus, as you see in the picture, he is elk broke.


2009 Quarter Horse Gelding

He Heads, he Heels, he Ranches and he does it all in a cowboy colored bay roan package. Perfect sized gelding with no vices and all the experience you want in one. Story is one you will appreciate riding.


2009 Quarter Horse Gelding

Mountain horse deluxe! If you want to turn a few steers when you come back to town, he is up for that too. Safe and sure footed, this beautiful, stout gelding is handy as a hammer to have around.


2008 Quarter Horse Gelding

A genuine finished bridle horse that has been made in the vaquero tradition. He now rides straight up in the bridle and has all the push buttons you would expect. Smart, flashy and broke, this is a gelding you will be proud to own.

Fred and Frank

2003/2004 Brabant/Percheron Team

Fred and Frank are one of the coolest teams you will ever see. Beautiful, true blue roan, Brabant/Percheron geldings with all the experience you could ask for.  They are an extremely broke well-matched beautiful team anyone can drive. Parades, weddings, farm work, logging... these gentle giants have done it all.


2010 Quarter Horse Mare

This is a fancy mare! She will flat spin a hole in the ground, track a steer, rate a polo ball and pull your buggy, all with a calm and willing attitude. Not to mention she comes in a pretty grey package.

Tricks In My Benz (Benz)

2014 AQHA Gelding

A BENZ with all the features! Shown in  Ranch Halter, Ranch Riding,  Ranch Pleasure, and Ranch Trail and he has been in the ribbons  in all the classes. 

The Executive Sweet (Gus)

2006 AQHA Gelding

The kids take him to do barrels,poles and goats. He has been our go-to ranch horse for years. We to town and turn some steers at a jackpot. For a horse everyone can enjoy and get some use out of, Gus is your man. Quiet, gentle and easy going.

ColFrecklesRealGun (Bandit)

2009 AQHA Gelding

You won’t just love his color you will love everything about this handsome gelding. Huge heart with lots of try, he is honest as the day is long. Cowy, works a rope and ground ties where you drop a rein. Great to rope on in arena too. Scores, is solid in the box, rates amazingly and handles steers nicely.  Bandit is perfect for any level of rider, super young or super old. He will take care of you.

SnappyTo ATee (Tee)

2011 AQHA Gelding

Perfect conformation, a gentle soul and a lifetime of experience packed into his 7 years. For a lovely prospect or arena horse, this beautiful gelding is the way to go. Faultless gelding with endless talent.


2013 Draft-Cross Gelding

If you are looking for something a little extra special, here he is! He is the most sweet hearted horse you will ever find. He always enjoys being with you and gives you everything he has. He travels out on the trail nice and relaxed, on a loose rein and is a very comfortable trail ride. He will go thru and over anything you point him at. Caliber is truly a gentle giant and is taught to lay down on cue for easy mounting and dismounting.

Peptos Gold Dust (Casino)

2011 AQHA Gelding

This gelding is a dream combination of pedigree with real world experience. His grand sires are Peptoboonsmal and Shining Spark and he has been working his whole life. Gentle, with no vices, this nice gelding is ready to go any direction you can name.

Bartender Leo Lynx (Zeke)

2008 AQHA Gelding

Ride or pack. Trail or rope. This gelding does it all. Two Eyed Jack, Watch Joe Jack and Dry Doc all on his papers and a popular palomino color to throw in the deal.


2009 American Mustang Gelding

One look at this picture of this little girl on this horse and you will melt. He is gentle, honest and broke to ride like one should be. Add in that he is an America Mustang, and you have a truly special gelding that anyone would be proud to own.


2010 Draft-Cross

Cortez is a "My Little Pony" come to life! Friendly and beautiful with a willingness to please that just won't quit. Ride or drive, this horse is safe, steady and absolutely gorgeous. He has the life experience you want and his whole life yet in front of him.

Roxies Beulah (Pineapple)

2012 AQHA Gelding

Pineapple is the most people friendly horse around and is great for ANYONE to ride; big, medium, small, young or old, male or female. Not to mention his stunning good looks.

Cold Feet

2011 American Polo Pony Gelding

Speed, size and athleticism, together with his easy going nature make Cold Feet a good choice for players from experienced and beginner.


Latigo Dun It (Hollywood)

*One Breeding*

2002 AQHA Stallion

Beautiful, capable, athletic and quiet; this stallion has it all! No matter what discipline you are pursuing with your breeding program, these genes have a lot to offer. He is an own son of iconic sire Hollwood Dun It; over $65,000 in NRHA earnings and a 2000 NRHA Hall of Fame inductee.

Cat B Quik (Quick)

2009 AQHA Gelding

Finished heel horse for a #5 roper and up. Good looking, stout made with a cowhorse pedigree that just won't stop. Easy to haul and be around. Gentle and broke to ride.

Docs Red Crowheart (Doc)

2011 AQHA Gelding

A sure enough ranch horse with the speed, mind and athletic ability to get a job done. Watch videos of them tying down a big yearling on him.

Spooks Gotta Dun (Geronimo)

2012 AQHA Gelding

The laid back temperament of an aged gelding in a 6 year old! Easy going and handsome to boot, this gelding has been lightly showed by a 12 year old girl and is quiet all the time.


SP Blue Poco King (Simon)

2011 AQHA Gelding

People friendly and quiet just doesn't fully describe Simon. In his video he has a .22 shot over his back and you can see just how soft and easy he rides. He is really broke to ride, has a smooth handle and a rocking chair lope. Simon will pick up his leads from a standstill and rides collected and quiet. He is no speed demon, but has the athletic moves you will love.

Frost Bliss (Iggy)

2012 AQHA Mare

Beautiful buckskin mare for the whole family. She has all the real world experience you want in one and is ready to go on and be someone. Started breakaway and heeling.

Blond Doc Peppy (Lightning)

2008 AQHA Gelding

Lightening is a rock sold heel horse. Hauled to HS and College rodeos. He always keeps his head, stands quiet in the box and scores with the best of them. He is the perfect horse for young or old that just want to enjoy roping, without all the horse drama.

Chieftains Command (Tango)

2009 AQHA Gelding

The only thing Tango needs to be a big time head horse, is for you to load him and take him to the ropings. Rock solid ranching foundation, he scores great, breaks hard and runs to cattle just the way one should.

MyRed Rockies (Rockie)

2008 AQHA Gelding

A true "been there, done that" gelding that is kind, easy to ride and all wrapped up in a pretty roan package. Enjoy Rockie on the ranch, going down the trail or load him up and go have some fun at the ropings. They just don't come any more enjoyable than this special gelding.

Duel Stormy Time (Sealy)

2012 AQHA Mare

Really broke mare that knows what a days work is. She has been shown in ranch horse competitions, NRCHA events and ranch rodeos. Take a look at her video and know you have found a good one!

John Henry

2010 Draft-Cross Gelding

He is soft in the mouth and responds well to leg cues also. He will back up, side pass, stop and turn around soft and easily. You will be surprised how smooth he rides. He is and attractive looking horse with lots of chrome, a snow white tail, four white legs and 4 black hooves to boot... surely to get you noticed everywhere you go.

Jacksuns Mega Star (Bones)

2009 AQHA Gelding

Foreman handy and dude gentle! Add in a some performance horse experience and this is the kind of gelding everyone wants to be riding. The fact that he comes with a big hip, pretty gray package and is in the prime of his life, is just icing on the cake.


2010 Crossbred Gelding

Big enough to pull a train and gentle enough to pack at kid. At just 8 years old, this stout gelding will serve you for years to come.

LR Moon Play (Jed)

2005 AQHA Gelding

The gentleman gelding everyone is looking for! Rope, Ranch, Pleasure or Polo; he does it all. This is the perfect horse for a novice roper that needs to build some confidence and enjoy a nice horse a the same time.

TJS Diesels Cutter (Diesel)

2008 AQHA Gelding

A finished head horse with the size, skill and athletic ability to get you to the pay window. In the prime of his life and a true joy to be around, Diesel the horse everyone wants to rope on.

Star Id Bartender (Bugatti)

2009 AQHA Gelding

You want a nice horse. Your spouse wants a sports car. Well, we present Bugatti! Rope, trail ride, ranch or go mounted shooting on this fancy gelding. Always gentle and he will be a gorgeous roan his entire life.


2014 Draft-Cross Gelding

Super kind gelding that is broke to ride and drive. This is a very sweet horse that really wants to be good and always does his best to please you. He has lots of feel and responds lightly to all cues. He lopes circles, side passes, stops and does turn arounds nicely and with ease.  He's good with tarps, flags, balls, dragging anything and cracking the bull whip.

Cash Big Chex (Apache)

2013 APHA Gelding

Wild colored, really broke and just 5 years old! If you are looking for one to turn heads, this is your horse! Absolutely gentle, a full year of cowhorse training and lots of outside miles, this gorgeous gelding is ready, willing and able to go any and all directions you have in mind!


2012 AQHA Application Gelding

Beautiful 6 year old gelding that is a true gentleman with a "been there, done that" resume. No buck, big hip and willing attitude; the perfect combination in an all-around family horse.


2011 AQHA Gelding

Genuine one-owner ranch gelding! Coming off the place he was born and raised, Blondie has spent his life working. Quiet, easy to get along with and all in fashionable palomino. You can look high and low trying to find another one like him, but don't count on getting it done.

Dry Peppy Cody (Cody)

2013 AQHA Gelding

There are so many good things to say about this young gelding, it is hard to know where to start. From his stunning buckskin color to his excellent handle to his various disciplines, this really is the whole package. Rope, trail ride, shoot... whatever your game, Cody is ready to go with you.

Wild Special Cat (Special)

2012 AQHA Gelding

Special is right! High Brow Cat bred with NCHA earnings and all he athletic ability you would expect. But, what you don't expect is how gentle, kind and quiet he is. Even little kids get along with this truly special gelding.

Last Chance

2013 American Polo Pony Gelding

Last Chance is a dream, on and off the field. Smooth to ride and easy to handle, he is ready to play at any level of polo.


The Mclaren (Muñeco)

2014 AQHA Gelding

Coming from Tomas Garcilazo, who consigned last year's high selling horse, this fancy gelding has it all; fashionable papers, a quiet demeanor and solid reining foundation.


StepN Up In A Pinch (Dinero)

2013 AQHA Gelding

The only word to describe this gorgeous gelding: Fancy.  He rides better bridleless than most horses ever will with a bit in their mouth. Watch the video and be wowed!

Golden Loaded Gun (Rooster)

2013 AQHA Gelding

Here is something special! Stunning palomino gelding with reining training and he is ready to go to the show pen!


2014 American Mustang Gelding

Coming from the same herd as Tom's Mustang Million champion, with Tom's fine hand at the wheel and a unique dun color to boot. This is a nice gelding you will enjoy for years to come.

Bottoms Up Jim Beam (Jimmy)

2012 APHA Gelding

Grandson of Paddys Irish Whiskey! This gelding has a rock solid ranch foundation, a kind disposition and a set of performance papers that will be making the barrel racers drool.