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Offered by: Scott and Sandy Sallee

Presented by: Hammer Chevrolet

Fred and Frank are gentle 16.2 and 16.3 hand true dark blue roan brothers. They are a Brabant/Percheron cross. They are an extremely broke well-matched beautiful team anyone could drive.  Fred and Frank have been used for working a farm in eastern Montana on all kinds of machinery.  We bought them from a friend’s grandpa who had owned them since they were 3 and 4 years old. They are 14 and 15 now.

We have used them in dozens of parades, weddings, and to give rides to school children as part of an educational program.  We take them into Livingston at Christmas and give kids rides around the neighborhood.

Fred and Frank will sidepass and turn around in the space of a subdivision driveway.  They are wonderfully broke to voice commands. They are broke and gentle enough we have let small children drive them, but they are not deadheads; they will get a good start on any hill and love to work.  We took them into our wilderness camp and logged with them for many days.  They will back and turn in rough patches of timber and stand to hitch.  Fred has been used to break young horses to harness.  They are ambitious and will pull as hard as you ask them. We have fed hay with them in the winter.

This is a world-class team that gets noticed wherever we drive them.  They have had many artists paint them as they are such an amazing blue roan color with soft eyes and Fred has a huge gray mane and forelock that lends itself to photos.  We keep them shod and they do best shod.  Fred wears a size 7 shoe and Frank a size 8 and they come with a fresh set of shoes for sale day.   They also sell with their custom collars and harness so you can go right to using them. It is good, heavy made, quality leather harness.

We are outfitters and don’t really use them enough to justify keeping them, though we have owned them five years.  Brabant horses are hard to find in this country. Fred and Frank are an amazingly BROKE and GENTLE team with a world of experience.

Posted by Jay Lee on Monday, December 4, 2017

Scott and Sandy Sallee

Emigrant Montana