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Offered by: Vineyard Cattle Company

Presented by: Bozeman Trail Gallery

Casino is the magical combination of performance horse bloodlines with ranch horse experience!

We bought Casino from the famous San Juan Ranch when he was 2 years old and he has been outstanding from Day 1.

Gentle with absolutely no vices, this nice gelding will cut a cow, lope smooth circles and run down a yearling. He has done every job here is to do on a ranch and has been hauled to town for ranch rodeos etc. He might have just a hair too much "go" for a true beginner, but if you have any experience riding, you will be able to use and appreciate this horse.

We have started heading steers on Casino and he will make an amazing head horse if you want to keep going in that direction.

Put this solid foundation together with his royal pedigree and natural talent an take him any direction you want! Come try this horse to really appreciate him.



Vineyard Cattle Company 

Arvada Wyoming