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Offered by: Sankey Pro Rodeo

Presented by: Tom Balding Bits & Spurs

Cortez is a My Little Pony come to life!

He has a gorgeous flowing blond mane, big pretty hip and cute head. All of this and he is the most genuinely friendly horse we have ever come across.

All summer we have used him to carry the American flag at rodeos and the judges have used him to flag the timed events. On the ranch we have checked pastures, gathered and sorted both horses and cattle, and drug bogged calves out of the creek.

As you can see from the above pictures, we have trusted him in all kinds of situations. When the church called and asked if we had a horse they could use for a "guess the weight" station at Fall Festival, we knew just what to take. All day he let little kids rub all over him and he never made a false move.

As nice as this horse is to ride, he is even nicer to drive. As a single or in a team, this is a fancy driving horse. We have started some horses to harness with him on the other side and through it all he was as steady as you could ask one to be.

Cortez stands 16.2, weighs a hair over 1500#'s, wears a #4 shoe and is every inch a beautiful palomino gentleman.

Watch the videos to see him work in an arena, cross the creek, go over downed trees, open gates and stand at a bench for me to crawl on bareback.

Come try this gelding and you will instantly fall in love.

Sankey Pro Rodeo

Joliet Montana