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Offered by: Wade Davis

Poncho is a drop dead gorgeous, 9 year old buckskin gelding. He was ranch raised on a place that runs 3000 mother cows on 1,000,000 acres. There isn't much this horse hasn't seen as far as ranch work is concerned.

We have had him all over the mountains and he is great and goes wherever you point him. We packed a bull elk out of a nasty hole last fall on him and he did exceptional. We do keep pads on him in rough country to protect his thin soles and have never had a problem. He has a good, ground covering walk and can travel all day long.

Poncho is always the horse people are drooling over at the arena. I have done a lot of ranch roping on him, and also some team roping out of the box. He is good to trailer, shoe, and tie. He is one of the best mountain horses you will ever throw your leg over!

Wade Davis

Ballard Utah