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Shiner is a 9 year old American Mustang gathered from Wyoming's Fifteen Mile herd management area.

Our daughter started riding him when she was 7 and has enjoyed him ever since, in the arena, outside gathering and trailing cows across the desert and just riding him around the place by herself.

He is 15.1 hh, gentle, kind, honest and always wants to be your friend. Whether you want to wander down the trail or hit a big ol' swinging trot and cover some country, this gelding is happy to do it. Better still, ride him every day, or give him some time off, and he is always the same horse.

Use him on the ranch or for pleasure riding. He willingly crosses water and trail obstacles. Good to catch, saddle, load, haul, etc. Has worked cows, drug calves, etc.

This is a very special mustang that is gentle enough for a child who knows how to ride, and broke enough for someone who knows the difference.  Come try him and you will surely fall in love.

Tom Hagwood

Powell Wyoming