Offered by: Danny Williams

I promise you won't show him anything new on a ranch! Slim has seen and done it all. I have used this horse for everything you can image on the ranch. He knows what it is to drag calves to the fire and load a wild cow in the trailer. He will hold anything down in the pasture you want to rope and he is quiet and cowy if you want to set in a gate to sort or count or sort yours pairs in the pasture.

I have even used this horse to ride in front of a dozer in the middle of a fire scouting a place to build fire line.

Slim has been used starting colts ​in a round coral or gathering cattle out of huge pastures in every terrain.  If you want to trail ride up the mountain he is good with whatever.

Maybe the best part, he is just as great in the arena!I have hauled this  horse all over the country to ropings and ranch rodeos and also let my nieces ride him at kid rodeos for barrels and poles. Slim is a really special horse in the fact that he will go at any level the rider wants.

He is as gentle and  good to be around as any horse I have ever had. I have won a lot of money on him heeling, but if you want to head or breakaway some calves, he's done that also. I can't say enough about this horse and how good he has been. I have had him 10 years and he  has that many left in him. 100% sound with no maintenance issues.

Of course, he hauls, loads, clips, bathes and shoes great. UDT on all shots and worming. Stands 15 hh and weighs right around 1200 pounds.

Come try this horse! I promise you will not find another one you can get as much done on, and have more faith in.


Danny Williams

Newcastle Wyoming