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Lot 1: JERSEY STYLE (Simon)

2015 Palomino AQHA Gelding 

A year of reining training, the kindest of temperaments and that drop-dead gorgeous color! This is a wonderful young gelding anyone would be happy to have in their barn. 

Lot 2: POCOS OLD MAN (Dakota)

2013 AQHA Grey Gelding

Just the right size, just the right age and a great handle to boot! The first to meet you at the gate, traffic safe and will suit most all levels of riders. 

Lot 3: EL GALLO (Buffy)

2015 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Head, heel, rope calves, go to the ranch competition classes, enjoy him on the ranch or go down the trail; whatever you choose, this beautiful gelding will be calm, handy and willing. 


2015 Paint Gypsy Vanner Gelding

Gypsy Vanner's are all the rage and here is a good example of why!  Cute, people loving personality, very gentle and all that beautiful hair! He rides out on the trail and does not mind going by himself or in a group. He is soft and easy to ride with a good handle.

Lot 5: SPOT THE HOTSHOT (Hot Shot)

2013 AQHA Black Gelding

The name, "Hot Shot", is totally perfect for this guy.  He's such a cool operator, and is a hot shot at anything you ask of him. He is on his way to being a big time head horse, yet is grandma and kid approved.


2016 Roan AQHA Gelding 

Just 3 years old, with a year of cowhorse training, a quiet demeanor and that fancy roan color. Oh, and he is an own son of Metallic Cat, so, there is that. 


2010 AQHA Grey Gelding

Just the kind of gelding everyone is looking for; gentle, safe, beautiful and experienced. Rides quiet and goes where you point him. Don't miss this nice gelding. 

Lot 8: POCO HUSKY LOWRY (Denver)

2015 Bay Roan AQHA Gelding

Denver is a big, stand up gelding that is flat broke to ride! Very gentle and willing to please, with no buck or foolishness. 


2012 Palomino AQHA Gelding

A trained reiner that has been hauled to town and competed in ranch versatility classes, team ropings, ranch rodeos and reining competitions; he always tries his hardest to please you. 

Lot 10: WIMP MY RIDE (Scout)

2011 APHA Paint Gelding

These papers are nothing to laugh at, but he is going to anyway. More "whoa" than "go", but with enough athletic ability to get any job done. Sweet, fun and capable, Scout is truly one of a kind.

Lot 11: BAR B BURLAP BAG (Burlap)

2013 Buckskin AQHA Gelding 

True ranch gelding that is a true gentleman; coming off the famed Bar B Ranch. Soft, quiet and easy to be around. 

Lot 12: Buckeys Waylon & Willie

2014/2013 Blue Roan Geldings

They ride as good as they drive, which is saying something! Up the trails, across the creeks, through traffic or pulling a plow, wagon or buggy. This is a unique team in temperament, experience and color!

Lot 13: DE FROSTYS TEE WOOD (Johnny)

2009 AQHA Buckskin Gelding

Sun Frost breeding, experience, looks and aptitude; his nice gelding has it all. He has been to town, seen the lights and knows the drill. On the ranch he is a missile behind a cow and quiet when you need him to be. No buck and happy to do the job. 

Lot 14: SPEEDY BLUEBERRY (Blueberry)

2010 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding

A top notch, gentle, ranch, using and trail horse, who also proficiently excels in several performance events. A 1D/2D barrel horse, goat horse and breakaway horse, also started in the heading. His ranch work and outside riding is extensive.


2015 AQHA Grey Gelding

Cute, gentle and just 4 years old! He has a good turn-around and has done all the ranch activities.

Lot 16: Ringo

2014 Bay Paint Draft Cross Gelding

Big and trustworthy! Hundreds of miles of trails and lots of cows on this young horse's resume. Safe, gentle and forgiving, he is soft in the bridle, moves off your feet and crosses anything you point him at. 

Lot 17: REYMOTE CATTROL (Cleveland)

2012 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

We just don't know where you find one with fancier cow papers than this; an own son of Sophisticated Catt with Dual Rey and Peptoboonsmal on the bottom. Consistently marking 73 or higher, he is safe for anyone and sound with no maintenance. 

Lot 18: BUCKEYES FREDDIE (Freddie)

2016 Paint Gelding

A kids horse and he is only 3 years old! Gentle, safe and smart he rides like an aged horse and has a few party tricks besides!

Lot 19: Tim and Tony

2007 & 2008 John Mules 

They drive, ride AND pack! Been to town, been to the mountains and been around the ranch; this nice team of mules is gentle enough for nearly anyone to drive and have years of enjoyment left in them. 


2009 AQHA Chestnut Gelding

Ranch, mountain or arena; Cy has the experience to take you there. Ready for any task on the ranch, carries himself in the mountains and will take care of a low-numbered heeler at the jackpots. Just a nice solid gelding for you to enjoy. 

Lot 21: TAZZER GUN (Taz)

2011 Sorrel AQHA Gelding 

Ready to go show in roping, reining, boxing and ranch riding! He Ropes in the arena, has been ranched on and is the earner of $7,100 NRHA and an own son of GUNNER! 

Lot 22: TRR GOLD BAR (Midas)

2013 Sorrel AQHA Gelding 

Little, cute and a heart of gold! Midas is gentle enough for the wife and kids and handy enough for the cowboys. 

Lot 23: COZMO REFLECTOR (Chinook)

2014 Palomino AQHA Gelding 

A true ranch horse that has been there and done that, plus he is friendly and gentle and comes in a pretty palomino package. 

Lot 24: TR LUCKY DRIFTER (Concho)

2007 Roan AQHA Gelding

Big, roan and hard to rattle! Concho is just a cool dude that is an ace to work cows on and will keep you safe going down the trails. 

Lot 25: SASS E BOON (Chuck)

2009 Bay AQHA Gelding 

Rope, cut, ride... and use a bridle if you feel like it. An own son of the great Peptoboonsmal, this nice gelding has the experience to take care of himself and just let you enjoy the ride. 


2013 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

Big, pretty and friendly! Catch him anywhere and then rope a steer or take him through the jumps and he is just happy to be there. 

Lot 27: HALELUIA (Hallelujah)

2015 Gray AQHA Mare 

She rides as pretty as she looks! Solid performer in the cutting pen, she is also a dream on the ranch or trails. Quiet and willing.

Lot 28: Merlot

2015 Roan Draft Cross Gelding

Just like a fine wine, he just gets better with age! This fancy young gelding has extensive experience under harness on and Amish farm and under saddle work behind the cows. Gentle, willing and a unique, head-turning color!

Lot 29: REYMETALLIC (Lenny)

2015 Roan AQHA Gelding 

Stunning roan color, two years of cowhorse training and athleticism to spare. Take his solid base and go any direction you like!

Scratched due to injury


2014 Sorrel Roan AQHA Gelding

A laid back kind of guy, can hold his own in the shown pen in the Ranch Horse Classes. He has been shot off of, lies down, and picks up your ropes off the ground!

Lot 31: SOLBOON SLIDER (Slider)

2012 Bay AQHA Gelding 

A good, thick gelding with a rock solid ranch foundation and a light start in the arena. Take him your direction!

Lot 32: Agate

2014 Quarter Horse Black Gelding

As gentle as horses come.  Agate moves as good as horses move, really smooth to ride.  Would make a wonderful ladies or kid’s horse.


2014 Black Friesian Geldings

Classy! He carries himself like a gentleman and has the looks of a prince! Rides English or western with all the bells and whistles, plus a few extras. Lays down on command and will sit on your living room couch if you want him too!

Lot 34: SHADY SMOOTH CAT (Dobie)

2014 Sorrel AQHA Gelding 

Quiet, safe and ready for the whole family. He knows what a day's work is under a cowboy and is just as happy to pack the kids around. Be sure to watch his video; he is go-cart safe too!

Lot 35: LIL RAPPIN OTTIE (Colonel)

2015 Bay AQHA Gelding 

Big, handsome and gentle! Rode English and western, he is soft in the bridle and off your feet with experience behind cows, on the trails and in traffic. Young rider safe and a true joy to have around.


2015 Palomino AQHA Gelding 

As they say, you will wear out a pickup trying to find another one like him! Knockout looks, fancy handle and a lifetime of exposure all wrapped up in a 4 year old! Coming from Tomas Garcilazo, you know he has all the moves you want and the attitude you need. 

Lot 37: BUCKEYES CASSIDY (Cassidy)

2013 Appaloosa Gelding

A cool dude in a cool color! Ride or drive, he has been through the paces with the kids and everyone comes out smiling. 


2015 Red Roan AQHA Gelding 

Lots of miles, in a young package! Big, gentle and beautiful, Mel is safe in the arena, on the highway or going down the trails and he will be that stunning red roan color, every day of this life. 

Lot 39: SMART HAIDA REY II (Coffee)

2011 Sorrel AQHA Gelding 

A ranch horse competition winner, he is trained for cutting and well started heading steers as well. Broke the best and responds well to all levels of riders.  Coffee is family friendly and a fun horse to have.

Lot 40: Sven

2012 Bay Friesian Sport Gelding

Western or English, this handsome, gentle, gelding is a beautiful mover and quiet enough for nearly anyone. Take him to the mountains or enjoy him in the arena and he will be the same friendly, enjoyable horse. 

Lot 41: Road Runner

2015 Red Road Quarter Horse Gelding

He is an old soul in a young body. Just 4 years old and acts like an old ranch horse that has spent his life at the job.

Lot 42: ALEJANDRA (Andrea)

2013 Black Friesian/QH Mare 

One word describes this mare: ELEGANT! Stunning to look at and a beautiful mover besides, she has the perfect balance of gentleness and feel. Rides in a group or alone, with no mare attitude. 

Lot 43: CHEXY SON OF A GUN (Flash)

2013 APHA Palomino Gelding

A finished reiner that could easily be shown in Ranch Riding or Versatility classes, very gentle and easy to ride, has all of the fancy buttons, trail rides great, and crosses all of the trail obstacles.


2014 AQHA Buckskin Gelding

Perfect size for a switchender rope horse, he is quiet in the box, runs flat and has all the rate in the world. Lots of natural cow and experience roping on the outside, he is ready to take you to the arena AND be a nice horse for the entire family.

Lot 45: CHI MASTER (Lenny)

2009 Black AQHA Gelding

Quiet, broke and black as two feet down a stove pipe! This little gelding is a jam up heel horse that is quiet in the box, solid on the corner and has rate for any class of cattle. 

Lot 46: XR DASH BLUR (Land Shark)

2013 Bay AQHA Gelding 

The blood to run and the handle to lay down a set of 11's; this nice young gelding is a blank canvas to take in your direction and have a rock star on your hands!

Lot 47: GB LEO TUCKER (Tucker)

2012 AQHA Black Gelding

Coal black and gentle for anyone. Use him on the trail or on the ranch and enjoy him every day. 

Lot 48: GF TWO SOCKS (Deputy)

2011 Black Gypsy Vanner Gelding

Entertain all your friends with his tricks, he lies down, picks up ropes, and stretches out to mount. He rides just as sweet as he looks. Neck reins, side passes, and will lope in the palm of your hand.

Lot 49: BERTS CIELO COMMAND (Napoleon)

2010 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

This is a horseman's horse; excellent handle, intuition on the job and the good looks everyone appreciates. 

Lot 50: CATT BURGLAR (Red Bull)

2014 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

As fancy cow-bred papers as you will find! He is a finished cutter with lots of ranch experience and the demeanor to go quietly down a trail. Take him the direction you want!


2009 Gray AQHA Gelding

Has had an unlimited amount of cattle roped and doctored on him in the pasture and sorted thousands of cattle in the pens. Has roped both ends, quiet in the box, scores great, runs flat and pulls strong from the horn. Flint is gentle for the whole family. Super honest, easy and kind. 

Lot 52: LITTLE PUDDY CAT (Punchy)

2013 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

Punchy is what we call a BIG TIME HEAD HORSE!!!!!!!! Score, Run, Face. He is also a finished Heel and Breakaway horse.
We have rode him the past 2 yrs Las Vegas at the World Series of Team Roping Finale. He's been hauled to tons of jackpots, and to the rodeos. Nothing phases this guy! 


2012 Buckskin AQHA Gelding

Confident and gentle with speed and handle to boot! Have yourself one fancy ranch horse or take him to the arena and pick your event; with his papers and foundation, the sky is the limit. 


2011 Blue Roan AQHA Gelding

Fancy broke kids horse that is gentle and stays that way! Has a big stop, is soft in the face and has a solid start in breakaway, calf roping and heeling.