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He is the poster boy for this sale and there is a good reason; this gelding is STUNNING! Perfect golden palomino with beautiful conformation and just enough chrome to be the final polish.

At just 4 years old, Amigo has been on the rodeo road for a solid year, seeing the sights and learning the ropes. From kids to fireworks to crowds and lights, he has seen it all and taken it in stride. He even has his own Facebook page where you can follow his travels, leading up to the sale.

Started with a solid reining foundation, Amigo has been brought along by Tomas in the traditional charro style until now he is soft, supple and responsive. Watch his videos to really appreciate just what a nice gelding this is.

The opportunity to buy a colt that is this beautiful, young and seasoned, just doesn't come around very often. Do not pass him up!


Tomas & Justine Garcilazo

Stephenville, Texas