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Andrea is a very classy, 16.1 hand tall, 6 year old mare. She is out of a Frisian stud and a Shining Spark bred QH mare. Andrea has been ridden all over the mountains, on the ranch and in the arena. She carries herself with a lot of style, is athletic, and has a nice ground covering walk. She goes anywhere you point her on the trail and will also lope out on a nice loose rein. She is fine riding out by herself or with others.

She picks both leads in the arena and lopes nice collected circles, sidepasses, pivots, stops and backs smoothly, soft and easy. She is soft in the mouth and yields well to leg pressure. Andrea is the kind of horse that will be super fun for good riders, but then yet gentle enough for most anyone also. She has just the perfect combination of gentleness and feel.

She is very smart and picks up on new things really fast and is just a pleasure to work with. She does not have a mare attitude and does good being turned out with other horses.

On top of all of this Andrea is absolutely stunning and put together right. We really like her and think you will too. No vices.


Jeff & Christina Tift

Wyoming HorsesĀ and Mules

Sheridan, Wyoming