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Buffy will ALWAYS be the star of the show, not JUST because he's flawlessly built and shines like a copper penny- but because he works just as well.

Lopes off in the palm of your hand, has a Texas trot, spins a hole in the ground, and always works of his hocks. There hasn't been one job we have not been successful with on Buffy. A ranch horse the foreman loves, as he has a good walk and is smooth traveling. Loaded with cow, used to gather, sort and doctor cattle.

We really appreciate that he will ride out alone and walk home. Ridden extensively in multi terrains on the trails. Buffy has carried flags in parades, good with loud noises/ commotion including gunfire!

He will lay down and also pick up your rope on the ground when you need him too. A very nice Heel and Calf horse, has a great stride and is quick footed with lots of rate. Used as a head horse as well and he is showing promise!

Buffy has been shown in ranch horse competitions and is one you could take to the AQHA Ranch Horse Classes. Buffy is a 14.3 1/2 hand, bright cherry sorrel, has four metallic white socks, with a baby doll head. Sound and UTD on worming, dental, and farrier. 

You will certainly drive the wheels off your pickup to find another Buffy


Chad & Paje Turner

Turner Performance Horses

Helena, Montana