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Broke, broke, broke; Denver is a real charmer to ride.

Rides off on a loose rein or collects up nicely, lopes pretty circles, flying lead changes, sidepasses, neck reins.

We have had Denver on extensive trails. He will go through of over anything you ask him to. Also been on the highway and in heavy traffic.

Last summer we used him in numerous phases of ranch work, including gathering, sorting and branding. Pulls from the horn like one should.

We here at Triple R have owned Denver for 1 year, 3 months and he has had absolutely not health or soundness issues in that time. Vaccinated with 5-way 3/30/19 15.3hh and just 5 years old.

A solid broke gelding that is broke and will stay broke. Absolutely no hump or buck. Very gentle and pleasing. Super quiet in the barn. Easy to shoe, clip, bathe, etc.

Very uncomplicated, he will make you enjoy owning a horse.


Ray Raber

Millersburg, Ohio