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If safe, intelligent and handsome are on your wish list, we have one for you!

Rides and drives the very best. He is very safe and sound. As you can see, our children can do anything with him. He has a nice, slow lope, smooth walk and trot, and nice one-hand neck rain. Will side pass and he knows all the leg cues. This speicla guy has all kinds of talent to take you whereever you want to go. He is very likely one of the smartest horses we hae had the opportunity to train and work with. He was a the Grand Champion at the 2019 Dixie Obstacle Trail Challenge; out of 25 entries, he was the youngest of them all and performed like the most seasoned one.

Stay tuned for some videos and a preview of some of his fun party tricks!

UTD on shots and deworming. Feel free to ask any questions.

Safety + Intelligence + Good Looks = Good Horse!

Buckeye Acre Farm

Millersburg, Ohio