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Looks and temperament, coupled with plenty of experience and a good handle, make Ringo a favorite among novice and experienced riders alike.

His eye-pleasing conformation and size will get you noticed. Ringo is gentle, consistent, friendly, willing, trustworthy, forgiving and cowy... all in a family type horse.

He has worked ranches and feedlots, roped all classes of cattle, led strings in the Rockies, and has seen hundreds of miles of trails.

Ringo crosses water, bridges, rocks and down timber with ease and is animal, wildlife, cyclist, stroller, jogger and traffic safe.

He neck reins, responds to leg cues and is soft in the bridle.

Ringo is ready to be your next "go-to" horse for any situation. 15.3hh

Oly & Cristina Edmiston

Wellington, Colorado