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America’s Favorite Color! He’s Buckskin and astonishing!

Happy Hour is the total package. You will love his looks, disposition and the way he rides, along with a black-type Performance pedigree.

Will run the reining pattern and rides around on a draped rein. Can plus all maneuvers in the show pen and will catch the judges eye! Would make an exceptional all around horse in the Ranch Versatility, Ranch Riding, Roping, Cowhorse events. Happy Hour has been ridden tons of outside miles and will go right where you point him.

Always gentle and super quiet. Has the mind and disposition of an aged gelding, but is just 4 years old! Happy Hour is super smooth and comfortable to ride. At 15 hh and 1,250 lbs, he is the perfect size.

Has been roped on in the pasture and out of the box. Excelling on both ends in arena. Amazing speed and athletic ability, very cowy and easy. Would make the Ranch Foreman a top mount and the fanciest you can find.

You will wear a pickup truck out trying to find one as cool as Happy Hour!

Happy Hour

Mozaun & Sarah McKibben

Whitesboro, Texas