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Lot 1: DONE IT WITH CLASS (Hillbilly)

2012 Gray AQHA Gelding

Headturning color, good bone and shape, and the handle you want to get any job done. From the roping arena to the trails with your family, this beautiful gelding is up for the program. 


2013 Buckskin AQHA Gelding

Not just a big, handsome fella, but a jam up high school rodeo head horse that is just as good on the ranch. 

Lot 3: CKS MITT ROANIE (Scotty)

2014 AQHA/APHA Sorrel Roan Gelding

Fun, fun, fun! This chromed out little gelding rides fancy with or without a bridle and is game for the arena or trails. 


2013 Buckskin AQHA Gelding

Haul one horse and be competitive in the barrel, poles, goat tying and breakaway at the youth and high school rodeos! Then take him home and enjoy a nice horse on the ranch or trails.

Lot 5: PFF OCTOBER JOE (October)

2014 Bay Roan AQHA Gelding

Enjoy the size and built of a cross with the ability of a quarter horse in the handsome, gentle gelding.


2014 Palomino APHA Gelding

Build your confidence with this handsome gelding! Always quiet and safe, Amigo has all the handle you could want (reining foundation) and is solid on the head side. 

Lot 7: CATTS REYVENGE (The Riddler)

2015 Bay AQHA Gelding

If athleticism is what you are looking for, look no further! This little dude puts it all together and is a rock star in the arena or on the ranch. 

Lot 8: DUN BUILT TOUGH (Butterscotch)

2009 Blanketed Buckskin POA Gelding

Cute and FUN! Gentle with masses of trail experience and a beautiful handle in the easy to love size. From the kids to grandma, they will enjoy this gelding. 


2012 Bay Roan AQHA Gelding

Loads of experience with a level-headed demeanor, all wrapped up in that fancy cowboy color!

Lot 10: A LEGACY OF LUCK (Legacy)

2014 Gray AQHA Mare

Safe and reliable! Take her down the trail, to the ranch or show her in the Versatility or Cowhorse class. No matter what direction you go, she will be quiet and honest. 

Lot 11: DOCS LUCKY REDEEMER (Monster Buck)

2013 Buckskin AQHA Gelding

Stunning and safe! A cadillac at whatever you point him towards; trails, cattle, pony horse, the list goes on. Flat broke and ready for you.

Lot 12: Buckeye's Jayden & Buckeye's Jessie

2010 & 2011 Gypsy Vanner Geldings

Have you ever seen anything like this?!? A team of Gypsy Vanners that drives AND rides, along with all the fun tricks you could ever want!

rio dixie

Scratched due to injury

Lot 13: WYO A NICK OF TIME (Rio)

2013 Buckskin AQHA Gelding

Rio is a pretty, gentle, prime aged gelding, ready for his new family to have a blast on! If you are old enough to sit up there, you can ride him.


2014 Buckskin AQHA Gelding

All the tools to be a big time head horse! Performance breeding, lots of speed and a level head are all combined with his reining foundation! No harm in going to the pay window on the prettiest horse in the arena!


2016 Gypsy Vanner Mare

Wow! Don't let her age fool you; this nice mare has been to town and down the trails. A good handle, quiet mind and all the glorious hair. 

Lot 16: LEES SONSAFA KING 138 (King)

2013 Dun AQHA Gelding

A ranch foundation that you can apply to any discipline and that rich chocolate buckskin color! Great handle and beautiful conformation come together along with a quiet demeanor. 

Lot 17: CW SOPHITICATT (Picasso)

2013 Bay Tobiano APHA Gelding

Most quarter horses don't have papers this fancy, and he backs it up with the handle you crave. Rein, rope, ranch, and he will be that fancy color every day. 

roadie 2

Scratched Due to Injury

Lot 18: EMPIRE ROAD (Roadie)

2011 Jockey Club Sorrel Gelding

You just don't find horses like this every day! Absolutely gentle and versatile from western to english, kids to advanced adults. In the prime of his life and a true gentleman in every aspect. 


Scratched due to injury

Lot 19: KTS CAPTAIN SPARROW (Captain Sparrow)

2015 Sorrel/White APHA Gelding

Double bred Sonny Dee Bar and double gentle and quiet! Safe enough for the kids and capable enough for the foreman. 


2014 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Finished reiner and head horse that is flat broke to ride and safe for anyone. Take him to show or enjoy a nice ride down the trail. This nice gelding makes friends where ever he goes. 


2012 Paint Gypsy Vanner Gelding

Wow! Titan a fancy gypsy vanner gelding, with all the looks and right in the prime of life! Party tricks, mounted shooting, parades, mountain rides; whatever you want to do, this is the horse to do it. 

Lot 22: GW WHISKEY BAR (Whiskey)

2013 Buckskin AQHA Gelding

Lots of ranch and mountain experience with all the sure footedness and sense that come with it. Quiet and sane every time your saddle.


2013 Grey AQHA Gelding

From the mountains of Canada to the arenas of Texas, this gelding has been there. Ranch or rope and he will be handsome every day!


2013 AQHA Red Dun Gelding

Quiet and safe. Period. Experienced on the trail and happy to take it at your speed. That hard to find red dun color makes him a real trail gem. 

Lot 25: Sammy

2015 Paint Pony Gelding

Safe for all ages! He rides and drives as good as you could ask. A truly fancy pony. Drive him down the road, take him over the jumps, or enjoy a quiet trail ride; Sammy is the pony for the job. 


2012 Sorrel Roan AQHA Gelding

No matter what you want to do horseback, you will enjoy Tres. Go cut ($16,000 NCHA earner), rope, ranch, show or pleasure ride, he will be your go-to mount. He’s the same every trip and as honest as the day is long.

Lot 27: DRIFTERS STAR (Festus)

2014 Buckskin AQHA Gelding

Calling all Marshal Dillon fans! This big stand up gelding is handsome as he is handy. Started in the roping pen and a natural, he is going to be a legit rope horse. 

Lot 28: Ciaro

2015 Paint Gelding

In that flashy package is a wonderful High School Rodeo heel horse with a beautiful handle and ranch experience.  

Lot 29: CBS AZULS JARBAR (Clancy)

2013 Blue Roan AQHA Gelding

Big and blue and as solid a rope horse as you are going to find! Head or heel. He is quiet in the box and rides around like one should.


2015 Black Bay AQHA Mare

Her bloodlines were specifically chosen to cross modern-day athleticism and cow (High Brow Cat x Peptoboonsmal) on proven ranch horses who are sound of body and mind. 

Lot 31: CAUTIONLIGHTS (Dallas)

2015 Palomino AQHA Gelding

The build you want and the handle you deserve! Fancy broke for anyone that can hold the reins and a head-turner to boot!

Lot 32: DUNNIT TO HELL (Maverick)

2010 Palomino AQHA Gelding

Maverick is a true-blue, all around great horse. He is double broke, has a reining foundation, super laid back, goes where he is pointed, and is very trustworthy.  

Lot 33: CM GENUINE COWBOY (Texaco)

2013 Buckskin AQHA Gelding

Running horse bred, trail horse quiet and all the handle you could want! Head on him or take him out with your friends; he will always be quiet and easy to love. 


2017 Bay Sport Horse Mare

Size, bone and temperament! This mare puts together all the best elements of her quarter horse and shire background. Quiet, safe and pretty, with her whole life ahead of her. 

Lot 35: Boots

2014 Palomino Gelding

Looks that turn heads and a quiet, fun-loving manner that you can't say no to! Young or old, this super fun gelding is for everyone. Plus, he does all the fun tricks.  

Lot 36: JUNIOR PEP (Junior)

2015 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

He is ready to go jackpot at either end, and pack you to the mountains for your elk hunt. With a huge hip and an old soul, you will have years of enjoyment with this nice gelding. 

Ima Yella joe

Scratched due to injury

Lot 37: IMA YELLA JOE (Yellow Joe)

2014 Palomino AQHA Gelding

Cute, quiet and willing to please. Whether you are young or old, this easy going gentleman will treat you right. 

Lot 38: SUNNYS GOLDEN SUDS (Bubbles)

2011 Buckskin AQHA Gelding

Talk about handsome! That dreamy buckskin color in a beautiful conformation; this gelding is sure to turn heads on the trail. An easy handle and quiet attitude.  

Lot 39: SOULA REY (Reyzor)

2013 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

He is fun, versatile, and one you will be proud to own! A huge heart, reining foundation and ranch experience in a fun-size package. 

Lot 40: SPOT THE HOT SHOT (Hot Shot)

2013 Black AQHA Gelding

A true athlete with a quiet manner! Breakway horse that is ready to go compete against any field. Gentle and safe every day.

Lot 41: Jelly Bean

2010 Black & White Pony Mare

It doesn't matter your age, discipline, or walk of life; Jelly Bean makes it fun! Rock solid and safe, she is well broke and has been exposed to it all. 

Lot 42: JP ROAN BERRY (Diesel)

2016 Bay Roan AQHA Gelding

Here is a true family horse that is capable, handsome and gentle. Ready to go to the jackpots as a heel horse and friendly enough for the kids to ride afterwards.  

Lot 43: Annabell

2013 Molly Mule

You just don't find mules like Annabell! She is beautiful, quiet and FANCY BROKE! She does all the tricks and rides around like a well-broke quarter horse. 

Lot 44: CHARMING WHIZ (Charmer)

2014 Chestnut AQHA Gelding

Fancy papers? Check. Fancy looks? Check. Fancy handle? Check. Charmer is the complete package. On the trail or at the reining or ranch riding show, this is the horse you want.   

Lot 45: ZIPPS BLUE REY (Ruger)

2014 Blue Roan AQHA Gelding

Fancy blue roan color wrapped around a personality that is safe and solid. Kid safe and ranch experienced.