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2014 AQHA Gelding

Custom is just that: custom made for anything you choose to do!

He is a finished reiner that has been shown and won on at many different levels by different riders. He is easy to operate, has fast smooth spins, a big deep stop, easy lead changes, and smooth low headed circles.

Custom is also a finished head horse and heel horse that has proven himself under riders of all ages and skill levels. He scores well, runs hard, and gives you the same trip every time. He is easy to handle cattle on, faces sharp, and has a big stop on the heel side.

Custom is also amazing to ride outside and use on the ranch; he goes where you point him, rides quiet and willing, crosses water, and isn't spooky. Custom is gentle every day to most any level of rider. He has never offered to buck, get fresh, or act silly. He is the same horse no matter if he has had time off or been ridden daily.

Custom has a sweet personality, is good to shoe, clip, bathe, haul, and handle in every way. He is gentle to loud noises, guns, tarps, dogs, whips and is quiet and respectful to his rider no matter their size or skill level. Custom rides and performs with a rope around his neck just as well as he does when fully tacked up and is a once in a lifetime sort of horse. He makes friends everywhere he goes right down to the dog that licks his nose while he's laying down.

We have enjoyed him almost a year and feel that no matter your skill level, age, or chosen discipline; Custom would fit right into anyone's barn and riding program.

Vet report and current x-rays available. 15hh



Kera Washburn

Cedar City, Utah