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2015 AQHA Gelding

We are so excited and proud to show you one of the most laid back, well trained horses that we have had the privilege to have in our barn.

Dallas has a strong reining background and will spin, stop, lope, gallop, and slide for anyone that hops onto his back. He has a fantastic walk, trot and canter and is as smooth as butter. He is so easy to train that whenever we teach him something new, he learns in a day and acts as if he has been doing it his whole life.

You can pick up trash cans, tubs, plastic, branches or anything you want and he will never look at it in a scary way. He has a heart of gold and just wants to please you with everything that you ask him to do. He can sit for weeks and come out ready to go to work without missing a beat.

You can go out into the pasture without a saddle or bridle and hop onto his back to go for a nice stroll around. He has been on miles and miles of trails and will go through anything that you ask him to go through. He will cross creeks, rivers, and watch where he places his feet. You can go out alone or out in a group and he can lead or follow without every giving you an issue.

He has been kept inside or outside and has zero bad habits.

We have roped off him and used him for all the ranch work. He is that one of a kind horse that we all love and all fight over to ride. If he fits what you are looking for, please feel free to reach out to me with questions.

15hh 1100#'s


Buckeye Acre Farms

Millersburg, Ohio