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2014 AQHA Gelding

This is one impressive boy. He has the size, strength and looks of a cross but is a well bred, registered quarter horse. Plus, he just loves to please you no matter what you ask of him.

October was born and raised on a ranch out west and knows all the aspects to ranching. He will work and rope a cow, drag calves to the fire, check the fence lines, and be that steady powerhouse that you have been looking for. 15.2 hh 1350#

He is as sweet and quiet as they come, and will fit into your program no matter what you have going on. He has been on miles and miles of trails and will go anywhere and through anything that you want to take him through. October is a true steady mount that no matter what level rider you are or what size you are, he will take care of you.

Let him sit for days or weeks and he will always be that horse that is the same no matter how little or how much work you give him. He has a great walk, trot and canter and knows all the tricks that we have taught him and will perform for anyone.

He can go bridles and bareback for anyone. He has been to lots of different places to ride and will settle in like he has lived there his whole life.

If you are looking for that big boned, well trained, solid, registered quarter horse gelding, then this is your guy!


Buckeye Acre Farms

Millersburg, Ohio