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Wyoming Horses & Mules

Jeff and Christina Tift

Jeff and Christina Tift own a ranch in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains near Sheridan Wyoming, where they make their living a horseback.

Jeff grew up with horses and cattle and for many years made his living as a professional guide,taking clients into some of the most remote mountains of Wyoming and Alaska, along with training horses.

Christina grew up in a small town in the country of Denmark. With her passion for animals and country music she decided to visit America in 2006 where she met and married Jeff. Together they make there living working and training Quarter Horses and draft cross horses, along with a few saddle type mules.

With the demand for classy, athletic and gentle draft cross horses Jeff and Christina have topped many sales the past few years with many of their horses going for ranch, hunting, pick-up,dressage, and family type horses.

Jeff and Christina use their horses daily on the ranch and in the mountains, riding on a cattle grazing permit, or hunting, so their horses are used to the rivers, downed timber , elk and bear.

They also spend time in the arena with them, teaching them to be soft and responsive and how to lope pretty circles. They will rope cattle along with start other colts off their horses as well.

Jeff & Christina Tift

307.737.2146 or 307.752.8197

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