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S Ranch is located in Pryor, Montana near the foot of the Pryor Mountains. S Ranch runs a cow-calf operation, a large feedlot and a horse operation. Since its founding in 1948, S Ranch has raised quality ranch horses that excel in the performance arena.

In 2007, the S Ranch received the AQHA Best Remuda Award, something S Ranch credits to its founder, John Scott, and its two foundation sires, Doc O Dynamite and Paddys Irish Whiskey. Now owned and run by Jim Scott and family, the S Ranch continues to produce quality horses that are used on the ranch from a young age. Many of these horses have gone on to excel in cutting, reining, ranch horse competition and rodeo.

Known for its loyalty to cowboy tradition, all cattle work at S Ranch is done horseback, and colts learn to travel the rough terrain at a young age. S Ranch is a real working ranch, with real ranch horses.

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