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Schmitt Horse Ranch


Kyle and Riley have been in the horse business their entire lives and three generations deep on both sides. Both with rodeo backgrounds, Kyle and Riley focus on both finished arena horses and well started prospects. They spend a lot of time getting them soft and collected, making it very easy to finish them out the way you want. They focus on conformation, disposition, and ability. Reiners, cutters, barrel and rope horses, or solid ranch geldings, Schmitt Horse Ranch offers the best geldings they can get their hands on.

Cliff Schmitt ran a sale barn in Plain, WI, for years, and was respected around the nation. Even though he passed away over 20 years ago he is still talked about to this day. He loved a good horse and good business. His son Richard took over the business and supplied horses for many customers and multiple riding camps. There would be someone at the barn almost every day with a horse to sell or wanting to buy one. He sold the sale barn in 1998 when the town was getting too close for comfort and built a simple box stall barn at the family’s ridge farm to be closer to the peaceful country. Now the operation is run by me, Cliff’s grandson Kyle. I strive to carry on the tradition of providing excellent horses to people around the country.

I have been riding horses since before I could walk, literally. As I grew up, it became a part of who I am. I started out on an old "baby-sitter" gelding named Joker, and have been riding ever since. When I was about 8 years old, I started riding bucking ponies at the Little Britches Rodeo and immediately got hooked on it. Once in high school, I placed 4th in the state in the bareback event my sophomore year, and made it to Nationals in Illinois. My junior year, I won state in barebacks and saddlebroncs, and went to New Mexico for Nationals. During my senior year, I won saddlebroncs, placed third in barebacks, and tied for second in bull riding when I decided to try it during my last year of high school competition. Since high school, I have been riding tons of horses and traveling across the nation buying and selling quality geldings.

From a great prospect that is started well and has a lot of potential, to finished rope horses, there is a selection to fit all needs. Schmitt Horse Ranch specializes in shapey geldings with great conformation. Color and bloodlines are always a plus, along with a gentle, personable nature. Lots of the horses the ranch offers end up in the west or southwest and become great rope horses. Trucking and transportation needs can be arranged.

Kyle and Riley Schmitt