Latigo Dun It


Offered by: Tomas Garcilazo

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Latigo Dun It, known to his fans as ‘Hollywood’, is a gentle, golden palomino stallion born in 2002 at the Tim McQuay Ranch in Texas. His sire, Hollywood Dun It, popularly known as ‘Dun It’, was a reining horse icon who earned $65,808 in NRHA competition and in 2000 was inducted in the NRHA hall of fame. Hollywood Dun It’s legacy continues through his talented offspring, with their distinct ‘Dun It’ demeanor and astounding athletic ability, both of which shine in Latigo Dun It.

Charro artist Tomas Garcilazo, seeing the talent and potential in Hollywood brought him back to the States from Mexico and started him down the road to becoming an icon in the artistic and entertainment field. At the age of 5, Hollywood made his debut on the American stage at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. Since then he has become a crowd favorite, displaying his reining versatility skills and bravery performing in the middle of pyro, explosions and laser lights.

Beautiful confirmation, shining golden coat and strikingly long mane and tail (both of which are 100% real and his own) have earned him the admiration of audiences all over the U.S, Canada and Mexico.


Terms of Sale for Semen

*A copy, both sides, of the registration papers on your mare must accompany the contract. The owner recorded on the registration certificate will be the owner recorded on the stallion breeding report.
* A request for a shipment of frozen transported semen must be made to the semen bank at least 24 hours before the shipment is required. Counter to Counter shipments are available. All shipping
expenses incurred are the mare owner’s responsibility and paid directly to semen bank where it is stored.
* All stallion fees must be paid prior to authorization of a frozen semen shipment
* Mares on the premises of the Garcilazo facility have a breeding priority on any given breeding day. Therefore, we make no guarantee that frozen semen will be available for transportation on any specific day.
* This sale includes a “Live Foal Guarantee”. A live foal is described as a newborn foal which stands and nurses without assistance. If a foal is born dead, or the mare absorbs/aborts a predetermined pregnancy there are return privileges, only if the Stallion Manager is notified within thirty (30) days and receives a statement confirming this. A “Live Foal Guarantee” will apply only to those mares that are certified in foal by a licensed, attending veterinarian. Confirmation of such pregnancy in the form of documented ultrasound picture or letter from the attending veterinarian must be received by October 1 of the breeding year or the mare will not be included in the Stallion Breeding Report.
* If the mare absorbs or aborts a pregnancy after having been pregnancy checked in foal, or if the mare fails to conceive during normal breeding season, the Stallion Manager agrees to breed the same mare again during the immediately following year’s breeding season. There is a charge of $500 for rebreed service expenses. A substitute mare, accepted by the Stallion Manager, may be used ONLY if the original mare is deceased or deemed unfit for breeding by an accredited veterinarian.
* A Breeder’s Certificate will be issued for the foal conceived as a result of the breeding. The Breeder’s Certificate will be issued only after all expenses have been paid in full and after the foal is born and has been reported to the Stallion Manager.
* The Garcilazo, nor any of its member or employees shall be liable for damages as a result of damage to the semen or as a result of the mare failing to settle. The stallion owners’ sole liability under this contract is in the event the stallion should die or become unfit for breeding purposes this contract shall terminate and any money paid on the stallion fee, except the non-refundable booking fee, shall be refunded to the Mare Owner.
* When signed by both parties this document will become a legally enforceable contract, binding upon both parties. The parties acknowledge that this agreement shall be entirely governed by, construed and enforced under the laws of the State of California. In the event that there is any dispute, all disputes of every kind between the parties to this agreement shall only be submitted to arbitration and any award made by the arbitrators shall be considered final and binding