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2012 AQHA Gelding

15.1 Gray


If you're looking for a BEST friend that will never quit on you, take you across the country or around the world in a saddle, then you are cordially invited to come meet Baxter!

He is a stunning gelding that is a people lover and is as good on the ground as he is in the saddle. Baxter is well versed in all phases of ranch work and loves to chase and sort cattle. We have loaded trucks with him and he has been in tight alleys. He is a pro!

Heading out on the trails whether in the mountains or the hills, saddle up, get on and go. He is so fun and has the BEST personality ever. You don't need treats or grain to catch him!(although they are his favorites!) Walk out in the pasture or to the gate and he will come find you and follow you even if you're not wanting to catch him.

We have ridden him at night in some pretty dark hills and he is always a trooper. Baxter rides any way that his rider wishes: bareback with a halter or saddled or with his winter blanket on.

This gelding is BROKE and safe in every way. There are so many nice things about this horse. He will lope around collected and pretty or out on the trails he is relaxed and his bridle reins will be swinging.

Please come meet this outstanding gelding. He truly is one of a kind in every way.


Carmen Kincheloe

Huntley, Montana