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2010 AQHA Gelding

15.1 hh Sorrel


Cadillac lives up to his name in every way!  He is pretty, gentle, easy to ride and handles like a dream.

Cadillac has been used on the ranch, roped and doctored cattle, used to sort and load trucks and any other job you can think of.  He rides off gentle every day no matter if he's being used or had time off.

Cadillac is good by himself or with a group of horses; he will ride in the front, middle, or back and is good no matter what.  He is good with being stalled or out with a herd of horses.  Cadillac is easy to catch, groom, bathe, shoe, load, tie etc.

He is the kind of horse that makes me have a good day every time I saddle him.

Take him on leisurely trail rides, go through rough mountains, trail cattle on your ranch, or go to the arena for a fun play day.

Cadillac checks all the boxes and is a fun usable horse for your enjoyment.


Kera Washburn

Cedar City, Utah