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2015 Gypsy Drum Gelding

16 hh Black and White Paint


Dapper Dan is very handsome in his black and white formal attire, but he's not afraid to roll up his sleeves, go to work, and get dirty!

Heads turn when he walks by. Not only is he good looking, but he is a total gentleman with impeccable manners. He is calm, cool, collected, confident, and capable in any situation, from out on the ranch to the big city.

He's comfortable being alone or in a grand gathering of his peers. His large stature reflects the size of his generous enduring heart. You can't ruffle his feathers! Dan enjoys being well groomed. He always keeps his whiskers short and his toes well manicured.

He is kind and he loves children, dogs, and cows. He is well-traveled and is always eager to see what's over the next ridge. When he puts on his cowboy hat, boots, and spurs he really knows how to handle a rope. He loves the water, the mountains, the timber, and the vast desert.

Dan is definitely a young man with an old soul; wise beyond his years. Too bad he isn't running for office, he would surely get everyone's vote!

Jerry & Megan Cobb

Weiser, Idaho

208.550.0992 541.263.1479