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2017 AQHA Gelding

16hh Bay Roan


Don't let his age fool you, Frontier has the experience and kindness of a horse 3 times his age. We have had him in our program since he was a two year old and everything has been done correctly with him.

Frontier has been to the mountains, packed, ridden, spent nights tied to trees and handles everything quiet and willingly. He goes wherever you point him, will cross or go through anything from water to rough rocks, downfall, and brush. Frontier is GENTLE every day of the week and doesn't change with time off; he'll be exactly the same horse next time you saddle him up.

He rides one handed, soft in the bridle and respectful off your feet. He lopes nice circles, takes both leads, stops, spins, will sidepass to gates and stands quietly while you get on and off.

Frontier is big, pretty, gentle, and an absolute pet that loves attention. He will meet you at the gate to be caught, loves to be bathed, groomed and loved on. He has great ground manners, stands quietly while tied, loads and backs out of the trailer, and is a gentleman in every way.

Frontier is a great young horse that will fit in your barn and allow the whole family to enjoy him and feel safe and comfortable for many years.


Kera Washburn

Cedar City, Utah