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2016 AQHA Gelding

14.2 Red Roan


This gorgeous 2016 model, red roan, gelding has a quiet, gentle temperament that you are sure to fall in love with.

Jazz is a gentle and good minded gelding perfect for kids or adults that weighs in at about 1,000 lbs and stands at 14.2 hands. We keep him fully shoed but get has great feet so he could go barefoot depending on preference. He has a white stocking on his left hind, a white pastern sock on left front, and a white cornet sock on his front right. In addition to his leg markings he has a white blaze and a diamond M brand on his left shoulder.

I bought him as a two year old and his laid back and willing demeanor has made using him all over the ranch and in the arena an absolute breeze.

This sure footed gelding will carry you through the mountains over rocky terrain, gather and doctor cattle without a problem. Shoot a gun off his back, or crack a bull whip without even blinking an eye. This gelding adds a whole new meaning to "bomb proof".

He will take care of your kids and then step it up for you when you need a little more go. He drags calves to the fire, ground ties, open gates, crosses water, heads, heels, trail rides, calf ropes, break aways, trick rides, you name it, he'll do it.

I guarantee this gelding will be the first one you saddle up to get the job done. But that's just his day job; in the arena Jazz is a rockstar and about as solid as they come in the team roping. He is quiet in the box, scores like a dream, knows his job and looks good doing it! Jazz has been hauled to numerous team roping jackpots, where I have won checks roping on both ends.

Still, the best part about him is he's the same horse on the road as he is at home. When Jazz is in need of some routine pampering he will stand like a true gentleman for a farrier, and, clips, bathes, grooms and ties like a champ!

But don't forget to take a day off for yourself; jump on Jazz bareback and take a ride down to the watering hole for a little swim, shoot some hoops, or explore the trails bridle-less! Hungry? No problem! When you need a snack ride him right on into the kitchen and grab what you need. Jazz is a willing partner and is truly the "whole package" with his entire life ahead of him.


Cole Piotrowski

Bluff Dale, Texas