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2011 AQHA Gelding

14.3 Buckskin


Don't overlook this little buckskin horse!  He is a joy to own and ride.  He is also a jack of all trades...    He is EASY to catch, EASY to handle on the ground and SUPER fun to ride.  At our place, he is the little dirt bike of the group! There is nothing you cannot do on him and where ever you point him -- he will go!  From nine years old to ninety-nine, he has proven himself a trustworthy mount.  Mesa is the same horse every day.  He is simply honest and consistent in everything he does.  Lope him around and he does not care where the gate is or where the other horses are...  He just goes where he is pointed.  He is good hearted and not ever trying to get out of work or take advantage of his rider.

Mesa would be an ideal confidence builder for a ranch or rodeo youth that really wants to cover some miles in open country or pursue some goals in the arena.  He would make a jam up little break away horse.  He is absolutely hard wired for penning and sorting, in the pasture or in the arena.

You can trust him completely as a lady's trail ride horse to explore rough country, ride out alone or with a group of riders.  Mesa will walk along where ever you want him to be...  He doesn't have to lead, but is happy to step out and find the trail if that is what you want.  He will also ride along in the middle of the pack so you can visit and enjoy the company.  You can RELAX and enjoy the ride.

Best of all, Mesa FEELS good to ride.  His trot is smooth and his lope is easy and rolling.  He is not built extremely wide so he is easy to straddle...  Worn out hips or back will not ache from sitting in the saddle on him for hours.

I cannot recommend this little horse enough.  I don't feel our photos and videos do him justice.  Come see him in person and ride him yourself.  You'll FEEL what I am talking about.

Amye Donaldson

Mt. Vernon, Missouri