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2014 Draft Cross Gelding

15.1 Dun


Pumbaa is a barn favorite! This fancy crossbred gelding is fun to look at and turns heads everywhere he goes. His stunning mane and tail brings everyone in but his sweet loving personality gets everyone’s heart. 

But don’t let this big dude scare you. Pumbaa doesn't require any tune ups and stays 100% gentle and broke with time off. He has been used countless hours outside to gather and doctor cattle plus check fences. He has been exposed to all kinds of exotic animals and farm equipment such as zebras, emus, water buffalos and oryx  and his best friend is the barn rooster. 

He's not scared to work a rope and will stop anything in their tracks. Pumbaa handles all types of terrain from steep mountains, water crossings, bridges etc and is an ultimate trail horse. 

Pumbaa can go from a stop, straight into his leads both ways with a rocking chair short lope, side passes, and a cool stop for such a big guy. 

He has that “in your pocket” type personality which makes going to the barn and getting him ready for the day even better. 

He is comfortable underneath you and will suit all levels of riders. Pumbaa is a horse that aims to please everyone and will do everything he can to make sure you are happy from the time you get on to the time you get off. 

Brett Clark

Grand Saline, Texas