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2015/2016 Percheron Geldings

17.3/17.2 Blue Roan


This is a ranchers dream team right here.

Rudy and Randy could not match any better or be more well behaved. These two are equally well trained to ride and drive and can go single as well as go double.

They have been in weddings, done events, worked on the farm, been in traffic, and have been on miles and miles of trails.

Rudy and Randy are both registered Percheron geldings and Rudy is 6 years old and stands 17.3 hands and Randy is 5 years old and stands 17.2 hands.

They can do all aspects of working on a ranch; pulling a wagon, logging in the woods, working in the field or being your new best friend.

They have been hauled around and always settle in with ease and never cause a fuss. They are easy to ride and go very easy in a snaffle and will walk trot and canter under saddle. They have been on all different kinds of trails and will go through water, over bridges and are not spooky at all. They are easy to shoe and will stand quiet in the cross ties.

 Duane Yoder

Buckeye Acre Farms

Millersburg, Ohio