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2013 AQHA Gelding

15.1 Palomino


If you're looking for that special, once in a lifetime horse, take a close look at Tweety!

We have had him in our program for almost two years and there is nothing we don’t like about him. He is GENTLE, kind, very user friendly, and a winner in many disciplines.

Tweety has the ability to win at a very high level but has the mindset to come down and work for a beginner as well. He has been shown in the cutting and could easily go back to that. He could also excel in the sorting and penning, or a fancy enjoyable ranch horse.

Tweety is a proven money winner at most every level of heading, heeling, and breakaway. He is super easy to handle, ride, and get along with in every way. Tweety scores outstanding in all events, and adapts to his riders with ease.

He has logged many miles in the mountains, on the trails, through water, thick brush and downfall. He is equally as comfortable and enjoyable outside as in the arena. Tweety stays broke and is absolutely gentle 365 days a year. It doesn’t matter if you ride him every day or give him time off he’s the same horse every time you saddle him.

He has a sweet personality and is something that the whole family and grandkids can all enjoy at their own level. Tweety rides equally as well bareback with a rope around his neck as with a saddle and bridle; no matter the situation he is gentle, quiet, respectful and responsive to his rider.

I can't say enough good about Tweety and his pedigree speaks for itself. He is something that most anyone can enjoy in any discipline or any level they choose.


Kera Washburn

Cedar City, Utah